Crashing Into the Rocks? You’re Not Alone!

Why the chaos?

  • We are waist-deep in promotions for an annual client event happening early next month.
  • We just started managing social media for a new local client, which includes six social media channels!
  • Next week, we’ll enter a new season of a reality TV show in which we manage the social media content and fan engagement.
  • I’m tackling FOUR side projects — two are major and two are timely. All must be ‘me’ at the helm, as we do not yet have a process in place for isolated project work.
  • We just hired a new team member and promoted another.
  • We’ve committed to blogging not once, but twice per week beginning October 1.
  • Half of our clients are preparing their budgets for 2020, requiring us to prepare annual reports and projections for the new year.

Why the heck can’t it just be a steady stream?

Is it avoidable?

What can be done to navigate the waves?




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Rachel Strella

Rachel Strella

Owner of #Strella Social Media, Writer, Entrepreneur, Social Media Manager, Social Media Strategist, and Chronic Multi-tasker! High-D Personality!